Shopping Just Got Fun Again – Meet The WantList, like Tinder for Shopping, but waaay better than Tinder!
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Have you ever felt like all the “hard work” you put in browsing through endless garment options on your phone was wasted when you went home and had to search all over again on your …

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a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the senses.


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a natural aptitude or skill

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Stop Traffic – How You Can Use Your Workout to Cultivate Radiance
June 16, 2015 – 12:37 AM | No Comment

By Londin Angel Winters

Imagine if you could begin using your workout to train your body to become so radiant, you stop traffic on the way out.

This is not only do-able, it makes working out a lot more interesting. You may find you cannot wait to strap on those tennies and get moving.

We do not need to lose a pound or tighten a thing to step into Radiance. It is the act of emitting light. Imagine someone’s face who is smiling brightly. They are literally beaming light. We can shine anytime we choose, and the more we train for it, the better we get at it.

Whether we are aware of it or not, many of us already do all sorts of things to augment Radiance. Think bedazzled, bling and glitter. It’s all designed to bring more light energy to the body. But, it’s not the only way can do this.

It’s one thing to wear that sparkly dress, it’s another thing to become it.

We can emit Radiance from the inside out. However, sometimes it’s not so easy to find our light. Sitting for hours at work, stress and fatigue do a number on our shine. That’s why our exercise routine is the perfect place to get it back.

During exercise, we generate heat and get energy flowing. When you combine your workout with the 5-step process outlined here, you can become a master of Radiance.

5 Steps to Cultivating Radiance During Your Workouts:

1.     Set a Specific Intention

Before your workout begins, set your intention. What quality do you want to embody? Do you want to sparkle like diamonds or be explosive like fireworks? Do you want to glimmer like the surface of the ocean at sunrise or do you want to simmer like Jessica Rabbit? Be very specific and bring that intention to every movement you make.

2.             Practice Emitting Light

After each work period, feel the intensity you’ve generated and imagine pouring it from your heart onto the person you love most in the world. Where attention goes, energy follows. Therefore, you may be surprised how your loved ones will feel you doing this and respond. If in the beginning it feels like you are making it up, stay with it. Once you see the impact it has on the people, you will know it’s real.

3.             Get Your Flow On

During your workout, get everything in your body moving. Use the time to release stuck energy. Radiance is about Flow, so we want to bring as much Flow as possible. Rather than only focusing one body part, get every part of you moving: upper body, lower body and everything in between.

4.             Embodiment

Embodiment is the act of running a certain energy through your body. We see actors do this all the time as they transform themselves into a role. Be deliberate in how you walk, talk and move about your workout. Pretend you were an actress and your job was to show someone what pure Radiance looks like in the way you carry your body.

5.             Create Your On/Off Switch

Once you become really good at this, you may quickly realize why you don’t already do this all of the time. Stopping traffic can be overrated when it comes with whistles, cat calls and pesky admirers interrupting your workout. Therefore, Step #5 is to master the art of modulating your Radiance. In the same way you dialed it up, you dial it right back down. This way, you are at choice. If being invisible is to your advantage, you do that. If being shiny is to your advantage, you do that. Radiance becomes a skill you can turn on and off as you choose.

With these exercises, you build the foundation of Radiance in your “muscle memory.” In this way, you will naturally carry more Radiance in your life. Ideally, you become so good at embodying Radiance that you can access it at will, such as the moment when Mr. Right walks in the room and you want to be the brightest thing in his view.

For more insights from Londin Angel Winters visit her website and check out her new book “Loving Your Weight Off” at Amazon and other fine retailers.

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